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Australian Thermic Lance Company

Thermic Lances come in 12mm, 16mm and 19mm diameter semi-bright mild steel tube packed with mixed metal wires where pure oxygen is passed through the pipe, while the end of the pipe is ignited with a high temperature source like an oxy-acetylene torch. They are capable of cutting through ferrous and non-ferrous metals, refractory materials and concrete or rock structures. A variety of applications include:

  • Cutting large metal castings or frozen metal spills.
  • Cutting mixed or laminated materials.
  • Removing plugs, seized pins and hard-facing material from Earthmoving Equipment.
  • Concrete cancer repair.
  • Aiding in rescues during collapsed buildings or train derailments.
  • Removal of old refractory material & cleaning/de-slagging of furnaces.
  • Cutting large objects for scrap in demolition and renovation.

The iron in the steel burns in the oxygen coming down the pipe to produce enormous heat, with temperatures at the centre of the combustion zone reaching around 4,000 degrees Celsius, greater than the melting point of any known substance.

With the growing demand for the lances, Brett now exports to New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, with the business continuing to grow its domestic market opportunities.

Orrcon Steel Account Manager Greg McCann, said the partnership between his company and the Australian Thermic Lance Company has developed and matured over the years.

“We’ve built our partnership to a level where our steel quality, premium fabrication services, accurate inventory forecasting enabling appropriate stock holdings and prompt deliveries means we are now the sole supplier of steel used in the thermic lances made by the Australian Thermic Lance Company.” “We are basically a one-stop shop for them - we roll, cut, de-burr and weld the steel to very precise and exacting tolerances. Our team then ensures that we promptly deliver product as they need it, therefore limiting their storage and holding costs,” said McCann.

Brett Gill, Australian Thermic Lance Company Managing Director said when it comes to the quality of their steel tubes, there are no comparisons to Orrcon Steel.

“We’ve had a range of quality issues with our previous steel supplier, however we are totally satisfied with the material we buy from Orrcon Steel,” said Gill.

Greg said of Orrcon Steel’s manufacturing process “We have a high focus on Quality Assurance to ensure a quality weld seam occurs on every lance”.

Brett agreed “Quality is paramount for both our companies and end users, which is why we trust Orrcon Steel with the fabrication, and especially with the weld joins of the steel lance seams”.

“If you look at the mission-critical applications where our thermic lances are used, it’s the quality of the steel that has made our lances world renowned for their safety, and this quality assurance we constantly get from Orrcon Steel.”


Customer: Australian Thermic Lance Company
Location: Western Sydney, NSW
Orrcon Steel Products: Semi-Bright Mild Steel Tube

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