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Classic Plus® Cattle Crush

Great value 100% Australian Made heavy duty dual parallel squeeze crush with full vet facilities. Designed to capture and immobilise cattle quickly, and safely. The Metalcorp Classic Plus® Cattle Crush features our new in-house engineered ratchet mechanism* to ensure a long reliable lifetime of service. Standard features include forward and rear headbail operation, dual parallel squeeze with separate ratchet mechanism for a solid and reliable lock-up.  Fully sheeted and reinforced rear sliding door with easy one touch operation. Split vet gates on the operating side, full length vet gate on the other for walk through access. Extra high lower vet gate to reduce risk of kick-back from the animal while still providing good access, designed for hands-free operation. Split gates on both sides with lower gates fully sheeted for safety, upper gate on operating side has a needle gate. Rump bar fingers incorporated in the lower gates. All wheels are cast iron with plain bearing. 

* All wear parts in the ratchet mechanisms are precision water jet cut from Bisalloy 80 plate to ensure a long and reliable service period.

 Proudly manufactured using Australian made BlueScope Steel.


  • 3720mm (Length).
  • 1200mm (Width).
  • 2200mm (Height).
  • 720mm (Internal).
  • 760mm-375mm (Squeeze range).
  • 940mm (Lower vet gate height).
  • Grease nipples in key locations.
  • Mounting plates are designed to bolt up to 3Tn loadbars provided by the leading brands available in Australia.


  • Recommend install on level concrete slab and off ground.
  • Regular maintenance is required to maintain safe and reliable   operation.
  • 12 months warranty from purchase date.
  • Warranty claim freight to be paid by customer.
  • Original receipt required for proof of purchase.
  • Warranty is non-transferable.

Optional Features

  • Pinned on baulk gate
  • Galvanised drop in floor
  • Cattle crush roof kit
  • Offside available - Special order, surcharge applies.
  • Painted finish - Special order, paint finish at extra cost.

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