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Silo Section

Storing grain in steel silos has recently become one of the more popular methods of grain storage as it stores grain for a long period (as warehouses do) but at much lower price.

Silo Section has a unique profile, which is designed to replace RHS in silo base ring sections and support legs. Orrcon Steel specialises in producing quality Silo Sections that comply with AS/NZS 1163 - C350L0.


Our Silo Section

Silo Section is designed for silo ring beams, which aid the transition between the silo wall and discharge hopper.  This is a critical structural element of the Silo design, where the inclined surface of Silo Section follows the hopper angle while the other three surfaces remain horizontal or vertical. The Silo Section allows for easy joining of the silo wall to the hopper plate.

In addition to its function as a silo ring beam, Silo Section can also be used as an economical alternative for silo support legs. There are various other applications that can use this type of steel cross-section.


The benefits of choosing Orrcon Silo Section are listed below:

  • Our Silo Sections are lightweight
  • They are corrosive resistant with an ALLGAL® finish
  • Silo Sections are easy to cut, weld, drill, paint or powder coat.
  • We are able to supply non-standard surface finishes and lengths, subject to enquiry.
  • All of our steel Silo Sections are manufactured in our specialist factories where we control the quality of each piece that is produced.


There are a number of other advantages in choosing to use steel silos to store your grain. These are listed below:

  • Space: The biggest advantage in using steel silos is that they occupy less space than other methods of storage. This is especially important if land is costly to the business or where space is not available.
  • Conditions: It is easier to maintain optimum grain storage conditions in steel silos as they are better at controlling temperature and keeping birds, moulds and bugs out.
  • Cost: Steel silos tend to be cheaper than other methods of grain storage.  As they are designed for the purpose of storing grain they can be constructed or assembled at lower costs to the farmer.


Our Expertise

At Orrcon steel we understand the unique features of steel silos, and can assist your business with steel requirements in this niche. Steel silos are easier to erect, and it’s also easier to install accessories such as doors, ladders and samplers to steel silos.  The structure of steel silos is also more flexible, so they are effective at surviving wild weather.  Furthermore it is easier and more effective to do aeration in steel silos in comparison to tall concrete silos. 


Our Promise

Orrcon Steel specialises is a renowned brand name in the Australian Steel industry, recognised for distributing and manufacturing steel tube and pipe to a number of industries across Australia. With over 600 employees Australia-wide, we are able to continuously meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, taking pride in our ability to align our products with the needs of our customers.

We are committed to our customers, and continuously strive to fulfil their steel requirements, delivering quality steel efficiently, and on time.

We pride ourselves on being our customers’ preferred choice for steel solutions. 


Our Values

‘We'll see it through’ is our promise to you.  This is a statement that identifies our business values, which are based on consistently going the extra mile for our customers.  At Orrcon Steel, we are recognised for our flexibility, responsiveness, approachability, and friendliness.  We are a business that works hard to reliably and consistently supply a quality product that adds value to the businesses that we work with.


Our Products

We also provide a number of other precision tubing products in a range of shapes, sizes and forms.  View our other products here:

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In addition, we have a range ready-primed and zinc-coated ERW of Structural tube products:

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We also offer the following tube & pipe products:

  • Hot dipped galvanised
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AS/NZS 1163

  • Non standard surface finishes and lengths available, subject to enquiry.
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) apply
  • MINIPAK unavailable for this product

AS/NZS 1163

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