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Oval Tube Steel

Orrcon Steel manufactures and stocks Precision Oval Tube Steel in a range of sizes. Some gauges within this range will be sourced from pre-qualified suppliers, which may involve longer lead times. Sizes outside this range are available subject to enquiry. Orrcon Steel products are manufactured to comply with AS1450. Our quality management system is certified to ISO9001. This is your assurance that Orrcon Steel products meet the highest quality standard. A variety of surface finishes are available across our range of precision tubulars, but not all finishes are available in all sizes.


Our Oval Tube Steel

There are a number of advantages in using Oval Tube Steel as opposed to standard circular tubes. Oval Tube Steel is less likely to become distorted or bent out of shape as its shape is much stronger than round tubing when it is used on its preferential axis. It is also more compact and the tube takes up less storage space, making it a good choice for smaller settings with limited workroom. Furthermore, the shape of Oval Tube Steel is more aerodynamic, which makes it the ideal option for products such as exhaust pipes on vehicles.


Other benefits of Oval Tube Steel are listed below:

  • Cost Saving: With increased strength, lighter gauges of Oval Tube Steel can be used, which means cost savings for your business
  • Production: When welding, the flat side on Oval Tube Steel eradicates the need wall flattening.  This means that sections can be joined directly to the flat side, which reduces fabrication costs.
  • Aesthetics: The shape of Oval Tube Steel creates a fresher look for contemporary styling.


Oval Tube Steel is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of locations including homes, shopping malls centres, offices, hotels and hospitality establishments, airports and other public places.  Oval Tube Steel can be used both internally and externally for a range of products, including:

  • Hand, wall and grab rails
  • Sections for chairs and other pieces of furniture
  • Pilars, columns and posts
  • Door knobs, handles and accessories
  • Street signs and lighting poles


You can view the sizes of Oval Tube Steel that we offer below.  We have clearly labelled the sizes so that you can find the measurements that you need with ease.


Our Expertise

It’s important to bear in mind that steel which is not circular in nature is much more difficult to bend and adapt.  This means that more care and skill is required to manipulate the material, as well as using the right pieces of equipment to do so.  This is necessary because non-round steel varieties do not have the same ability to support themselves as round tube steel, and and can flatten or buckle when they are manipulated.


Our Promise

A leading Australian steel distributor, Orrcon supplies steel to a align with the needs of our customers across industries.  Our distribution centres are strategically located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia so that we can deliver our steel efficiently to our clients. 

We deliver strong financial returns to our clients, that’s why we are our customers’ preferred choice for steel solutions. 

We are known for flexibility, responsiveness, approachability and friendliness.  Orrcon Steel is a business that works hard, supplies a quality product, and is reliable and consistent.  Our customers at the very core of our business culture, and we ensure that we always strive to do the best we can for them.  We take the time to understand our customer needs and commit to investigating and responding to customer enquiries, concerns and issues in a way and timeframe that meets and exceeds their expectations.  We also actively look for feedback from our customers so that we can measure our performance and achievements, and ensure we take steps to improve this in the future.


Our Values

‘We'll see it through’ is more than a tag line next to our brand. It is a statement that says a lot about our business and the people who work for Orrcon Steel. It is a part of our business culture as it reflects our internal and external relationships, which are our key focus.  We take steps to ensure we maintain these relationships, and we do not tolerate poor service, poor quality or lack of timeliness.

We are committed to adding value to our customer’s business.  We do this by working together to deliver on our promises with a personal touch, and make it easy for you to do business with us.


Our Products

We also provide a number of other precision tubing products in a range of shapes, sizes and forms.  View our other products here:

  • Rectangular tube
  • Square tube
  • Circular pipe
  • Special shapes
  • Sprinkler and hydrant pipe


In addition, we have a range ready-primed and zinc-coated ERW of Structural tube products:

  • Circular hollow section
  • Rectangular hollow section
  • Square hollow section


We also offer the following tube & pipe products:

  • Hot dipped galvanised
  • Silo section
  • Broadspec pipe
  • Mild Steel Galvabond (MSGB)
  • Mild Steel Bright (MSBR)
  • Semi Bright (SEMB)
Standard Surface Finish D/T Ratio Yield Strength
MPa (min)
Tensile Strength
Elong on5.65√So% (min)
AS1450 Commercial Quality & Aluminium Coated <15 300 310 15
    15 to 25 275 300 20
    <25 to 35 250 290 25
    <35 200 280 30
  Zinc Coated   300 350 15

D = Outside diameter or equivalent round | t = nominal wall thickness | So = Cross Sectional Area

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