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Handrail Systems

Orrcon Steels offers a comprehensive range of profiled steel handrail products.  Manufactured to meet Australian standards, these fabricated steel handrail components include stanchions, bends kick plates and mounting brackets.

Our handrails are fabricated in mild steel, and are available in both black and galvanised finishes.


Our Steel Handrail Products

Handrails are necessary safety features to prevent slips, trips and falls.  The main choice when you are considering adding a handrail to your premises is the material that you use; from aluminium, to wood, glass and steel. 

Orrcon Steel specialises in producing steel handrails made from mild steel.  Using high quality steel is the key to ensuring the long life of a handrail.  Orrcon Steel stocks a range of quality mild steel handrail products, including:

  • Stanchions:  All steel handrail systems in Australia need to be able to withstand a certain amount of horizontal force. Stanchions play a critical part in providing this force and protecting people from falling off the edge of a walkway.
  • Bends: Orrcon produces steel handrail systems that are strong and cost-effective for both commercial and industrial applications.  Our product range features a variety of handrail bends.
  • Kick Plates: Kick plates are placed at the bottom of industrial handrails near your toes.  While not always necessary, the reason to install a handrail system to begin with is for safety prevention from accidents and hazardous trips and falls; kick plates are also installed to increase safety, the same purpose as the safety hand railing system itself.
  • Mounting Brackets: Handrail mounting brackets are essential for securing the handrail to a fixed wall.  Our brackets are produced with high quality steel to ensure they are durable, strong and well made.


There are many benefits to using our mild steel handrail products, such as:

  • Durability: Handrails are vital for safety, so it’s important to use a durable and strong material.  Mild steel is stronger than other materials such as wood as it has high tensile strength and the handrails will not warp, crumble, fracture or bend over time.
  • Maintenance: Mild steel is easy to maintain and clean, which is why it is one of the main materials of choice for today’s construction industry.
  • Cost Effective: Mild steel handrails are extremely affordable and building owners can save money in the long run as this type of railing requires no periodic finishing. Even if it is outdoors and exposed to extreme weather conditions like snow, rain or heat, mild steel handrails will retain their appearance.


Our Expertise

Steel is often the material of choice for railing systems as it has superior strength and toughness compared to other materials such as aluminium.  As it is tougher, steel is less prone to surface scratches and dents, which means that it is easier to clean and maintain.  Furthermore, steel handrails require less supports, so there is more design freedom with steel railings.

Steel is undeniably the optimum material for railing systems, however there are dramatic differences between the various types of steel that you can use. At Orrcon steel, we manufacture handrails from quality, Australian made mild steel ensuring the products that we supply adhere to the Australian safety standards.


Our Promise

The highly skilled team at Orrcon Steel work together with our customers to deliver strong financial returns for their businesses.  That’s why we are our customers preferred choice for steel solutions.  We treat every customer as an individual, and take the time to get to know their business, the industry that they operate in and their requirements from our products.  By doing this, we are able to offer a tailored value proposition that is relevant to their unique needs.

At Orrcon steel, we are driven by our core principles of quality, innovation, flexibility and dedication.  We integrate diverse business processes and use assets and resources efficiently in order to create operational excellence. This helps us to deliver strong financial returns to our clients.


Our Values

At Orrcon Steel, our business culture is based around our tagline: ‘We'll see it through.’ Our business and the people who work for Orrcon Steel are dedicated to providing the upmost in service to our customers, and will always go that extra mile.  We work in partnership with the customers that we service in order to deliver steel solutions that add true value to their business.

With Orrcon steel, you can guarantee that you will receive the quality products and services of a large steel manufacturer, while retaining the personal touch.  Our customers are at the core of our business culture, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create long lasting relationships with them as their businesses progress.


Our Products

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Standard Grade* Yield Strength Tensile Strength CHS RHS & SHS
    MPa (min) MPa (min) <15 15-30 >30 <15 15-30 >30
AS/NZS 1163 C250/C250L0 250 320 18 20 22 14 16 18
  C350/C350L0 350 430 16 18 20 12 14 16
  C450/C450L0 450 500 12 14 16 10 12 14

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