Orrcon Steel is a Bluescope company

Fencing Extras

Whether used to improve the aesthetic appearance of your property or for more practical improvements such as keeping livestock secured, Orrcon Steel is here to help with all your fencing products. Whatever fence project needs attention, all your fencing accessories can be found at Orrcon Steel. Our fencing extras include netting clips, wire strainers, loop ties, rail brackets and more.

  • Loop Ties – Loop ties are used to connect fence posts to fence wire. 125mm with 2,000 per pack
  • Angle Post Gudgeon 25NB – Angle post gudgeons are used to affix fence gates to angle posts or square post corners. Combined with an angle post strap on the bottom of the post, they allow easy movement of the gate.
  • Angle Post Strap 25NB
  • Clamp On Double Gate Blow 25NB
  • Double Gate Chain Latch 25NB
  • General Gate Pack- FG1 – Our gate packs have all the parts you need, from top straps and backing plates, down to the washers and nuts.
  • Farm Gate Pack - FG1 – CP
  • Netting Clips - 16 x 2.0mm with 500 per pack
  • Wire Strainer
  • Zinc Rail Bracket (30x30)
  • Zinc Rail Bracket (38x25)
  • Zinc Rail Bracket (40x40)

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