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SMARTCOTE® is a water based acrylic coating that is applied to Orrcon Steel’s manufactured range of tubular steel products. 
Developed in the late 90’s to replace oil based coatings, SMARTCOTE® has stood the test of time as an effective steel coating.
It offers a number of advantages over oil based steel coatings and is used in a broad range of applications including welding, galvanising, painting and powder coating.
The benefits of using SMARTCOTE® over traditional mill oils include:

  • SMARTCOTE® exhibits good anti-spatter properties and does not interfere with weld bead formation during welding.
  • It is easy to strike a weld arc.
  • It emits minimal fuming while welding.
  • SMARTCOTE® is easily marked with chalk.
  • It improves the shelf life of steel products.
  • It withstands handling damage during packing, transport and subsequent processing.
  • SMARTCOTE® is non-toxic, non-flammable and heavy-metal free.
  • SMARTCOTE® is compatible with most top-coating systems including acrylics, polyurethanes, PVA emulsions, enamels and powder coatings.*
  • It is removable in hot caustic pre-treatment processes prior to galvanising and powder coating.
  • It is more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to a mill oil finish. 
  • SMARTCOTE® does not attract dust.
  • SMARTCOTE® is cleaner to handle than oil – it does not leave oil stains or drips.
  • It is safer to transport as it reduces the risk of spearing during emergency braking or crane stoppage. 

If you’re looking for a steel coating that is cleaner, easier to handle and more resistant to corrosion than oil, ask your local Orrcon Steel branch for SMARTCOTE® steel.

When selecting and specifying a protective coating system it is recommended that you: 

  • Consult your coating supplier and Review and adhere to guielines contained in AS/NZS 2312

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