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Climbing New Heights: Hayden Barton’s race to the top to achieve his Olympic Dream


Orrcon Steel holds a firm belief to positively engage and support communities where we live. This commitment includes support for those seeking to achieve incredible outcomes at an individual level or to improve the community where they reside.

Hayden Barton is one individual that came to the attention of Orrcon Steel, because he is trying to achieve an incredible outcome to represent Australia at the Paris Olympics in 2024 in a sport with no Federal or State funding. To compete requires significant personal time to secure funds with support from parents and friends, to enable travel overseas to compete and be selected for the Olympics.

Hayden passion for climbing started aged 8 back in 2012. What was an after-school hobby during the summer, quickly developed into a deep love for the sport. Over the years, Hayden's dedication to climbing grew, encompassing bouldering and speed climbing. Today, he trains with determination, devoting 3-4 sessions each week to sharpening his skills.

On 4th June 2023, Hayden competed against national athletes in the Opens category, emerging as the undisputed champion. The reward was the title “2023 National Speed Climbing Champion” as evidenced in the above picture, the top spot on the podium.

His performance was truly remarkable, completing two runs in under seven seconds, with impressive times of 6.99 and 6.93. This exemplifies his extraordinary talent and unwavering determination.

Orrcon Steel is pleased to be able to support Hayden Barton, an emerging speed climbing sensation, in a sport that not many people will have heard about.

In line with our business commitment to establish positive links with our community, we are providing Hayden with a level of financial support to enable him to travel overseas to compete internationally and seek to strive to achieve his Olympic dream to compete with the best and secure an Olympic medal.

As part of that progression to the Olympics, Hayden has set his sights on the upcoming World Championships in Bern, Switzerland, scheduled for August 2023. This competition offers an exciting opportunity for Hayden to represent his country on the global stage and demonstrate his remarkable skills and determination.

We are pleased to have supported Hayden’s travel costs to these World Championships, which means he can cut back from the three jobs he was juggling in the time he had available to secure enough funding for this travel.

We continue to encourage Hayden to continue to push the boundaries of his athletic journey and achieve new heights for his chosen sport, representing Australia at the highest level. His extraordinary achievements serve as an inspiration, reminding us that incredible things can be accomplished through dedication, passion, and unwavering support.

We eagerly look forward to Hayden's future endeavours and the outcomes that it brings. Our business is proud to support an outstanding individual to achieve their dreams and we celebrate Hayden Barton's remarkable progress and well-deserved victories.

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