Orrcon Steel is a Bluescope company


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Team Work

Everyone works as a team. We value friendliness, trust, people going out of their way to help each other and banding together to improve Orrcon Steel. We don't tolerate “them and us” attitudes, silos, backstabbing, blaming others or too much “me talk”.


Everyone has internal and external customers. We use feedback to measure satisfaction and identify improvement opportunities. We don't tolerate poor service, poor quality or lack of timeliness.


Everyone pulls their weight. We value people getting in and doing the job at hand. We don't tolerate bludging, slackness, “don't care” attitudes, poor attendance or lack of accountability.


By delivering on our promises, trying harder, delivering a personal touch, being easy to do business with, trying to understand our customers business needs' and providing an effective supply source, we are working in partnership with each other and our customers.

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