Orrcon Steel has recently been involved with two residential construction projects on Fraser Island. One with GMI Homes and the other with B & B Building Supplies.

Fraser Island has a subtropical climate with high levels of salt air due to its proximity to the sea. As such, these projects required materials that can withstand a harsh marine environment.

MAXI-TUBE® was the ideal product solution for these projects due to its anti corrosive zinc-alloy coating, which provides maximum durability, efficiency and versatility in many aggressive environments. Orrcon Steel’s MAXI-TUBE® was specifically used for the following projects.

GMI Homes: Residential Flooring System

MAXI-TUBE® was a key component in GMI Homes non-welded platform floor system. The house project was in close proximity to the beach front of Fraser Island.
MAXI-TUBE® was chosen for the floor system due to its durability in a salt laden environment, which makes it ideal for an enclosed, unwashed floor structure.

The MAXI-TUBE® product was not only ideal for providing a solution in the coastal tropical environment, but it was also a key element in providing construction efficiency.

“GMI homes have demonstrated with homes completed that they can build homes and townhouses in approximately 40% of traditional build time, together with utilising Orrcon Steel’s durable MAXI-TUBE®"
John Hammond – GMI Homes.

The floor area of the house under construction at Fraser Island was just under 400 square metres. Two men completed the whole installation (including the decking) in 4 days. The MAXI-TUBE® sections used were 75 sq x 4 columns, 150 x 50 x 2 floor bearers & joists, plus 150 x 50 x 3 bearers.

For more information about GMI Homes visit www.gmihomes.com.au


B & B Building Supplies: House & Deck - Posts & Bearers

Orrcon Steel has been working closely with long standing customer B & B Building Supplies for a residential project that began in August 2016. Our MAXI-TUBE® product was used as house posts and bearers to create subfloor framing for a house located close to the beach at Kingfisher Bay.

B & B Building Supplies fabricated the house posts from Orrcon Steel’s MAXI-TUBE® and supplied them to the builder for installation. The 89 sq x 2 MAXI-TUBE® sections were used for the house and deck posts and 125 x 75 x 3 MAXI-TUBE® for floor bearers. Hot dip galvanised base plates were screwed on and top plates were used for the house posts. The custom made top plates for the deck posts were welded on, and then hot metal sprayed to provide a coating that has the same durability as the MAXI-TUBE®coating.

“The main benefit of using MAXI-TUBE® for this project was that it is ideal for the marine environment due to it’s anti corrosion properties. In addition, choosing MAXI-TUBE®from Orrcon Steel also reduces lead times and construction costs”
Brett Bogaart – B & B Building Supplies.

For more information about B & B Building Supplies visit www.bbbuildingsupplies.com.au

The above corrosive environment project examples demonstrate the benefits of
MAXI-TUBE® in coastal environments. With good galvanic protection, it is also ideal for industrial applications, transport projects, intensive farming, plus food & beverage processing industries.

For further information about a MAXI-TUBE® solution on your projects, contact.

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National Market Development Manager
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